Since its founding in 1958, and under new ownership since 2009, Telonic Berkeley Corporation, hereafter referred to as Telonic Berkeley or TB, has developed a diversified technology base to meet the stringent quality and performance demands of our RF & Microwave Products & Smoke Metering equipment customers. In addition, Telonic Berkeley is a manufacturer of both standard and custom Frequency (RF) and Microwave components. These products are used in Radar, Electronic Warfare Systems, Telecommunications, Satellites and other applications. Over the years, TB has developed a complete RF Filter line including a broad range of Tunable Filters covering the 8 MHz to 4 GHz frequency band.

Telonic Berkeley's impressive array of fixed filter types has evolved over the years in responding to the demanding needs of the electronic industry while offering performance parameters tailored specifically to each customer's unique requirements. To meet customer needs, TB employs proven design elements (Lumped Element, Combline/Cavity, and Tubular) to produce high-quality Passband, Lowpass, Highpass, and Bandstop filters, as well as, Diplexers, Multiplexers, and Filter Banks.

Telonic Berkeley has also provided an extensive product line of precision Rotary Step Attenuators for over twenty-five years. In the late 1960's, when TB needed a precision Step attenuator for one of their newly designed sweep generators, Telonic Berkeley, the supplier of last resort, provided the performance and dependability required by the instrument engineer.

Telonic Berkeley's design, manufacturing and sales facilities are presently located at 1080 La Mirada Court, in Vista, California, and comprises approximately 8000 square feet of floor space. TB has made extensive investments in computer-aided design and manufacturing systems, a dedicated IBM-compatible file server engineering network, and state-of-the art test equipment to support design and manufacturing activities.