Tunable Filters (download catalog)

Our complete filter product line includes a broad range of Tunable Bandpass Filters covering from 8 MHz to 4 GHz. The tunable bandpass filters are five-section, iris coupled 0.05 dB Chebyschev filters. The tuning range for each filter is typically one (1) octave, with bandwidths of 1.0% to 10.0% and can be provided as manually tuned, computer controlled or as a multi-octave, computer controlled systems. In addition, the TTR tunable bandpass filters are 0.1% reject bandwidth, stub tuned 3-section Chebychev filters. Narrow bandwidths and broad passbands make these filters excellent for noise figure measurement, spurious and harmonic signal evaluation, and EMC testing.

Fixed Frequency Filter (download catalog)

Telonic Berkeley filters are known and used worldwide. Our impressive array of fixed filter types has evolved over the years in response to fulfilling the demanding needs of the electronic industries while offering performance parameters tailored specifically to each customer's unique requirements.